How to Make Coconut Shell Charcoal and then Make Money from That

Charcoal is a highly used material in several environments such as industry, agriculture and personal use. One of the advantages of this machine is its ability to produce charcoal without having any greenhouse effects on the environment. Even though it is called the coconut shell charcoal machine, it also uses other materials such as rice husk, sewage sludge, bamboo, wood, etc. to produce the charcoal.

Features of the machine

The coconut charcoal making machine consists of several essential components which have to work in synergy to be able to produce high-quality charcoal.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

Double layer furnace

This is where the raw material such as the coconut shells get burnt at high temperature. The furnace is fueled by different kinds of stuff, including the combustible gas, which is one of the byproducts of the process.

Cooling system

The charcoal is cooled down so that it can be removed and handled according to the specifications of the next phase the process.

Dedusting machine

This part of the plant takes care of a lot of pollution. Its primary purpose is to prevent any fine particles originating from the plant from entering the atmosphere

The process

Let’s see how to make charcoal from coconut shell now.

•Conveyer belt
The coconut shells, or other suitable material, is loaded onto a conveyer belt. This is used to transport the shells to the double-layered furnace

In the oven, the temperature is racked up until the optimal temperature for the conversion of material to charcoal is reached. Two products are formed during this phase.

  • The charcoal
  • Combustible gas

Once all of the material has been converted, the charcoal is transported to the cooling area of the plane for it to reach a temperature at which it can be handled without the possibility of burning someone.

The charcoal is then sent to other parts of the processing unit, depending on how it is going to be used.
Combustible gas
The combustible gas is either collected in tanks, or it is recycled back to the furnace area. At the furnace, it can be reused as fuel for the charcoaling process again.

•Spray dusting system
The dust spray system is the part of the process which eliminates the escape of any tiny particles into the atmosphere. This is the last part to ensure that the whole process takes place without any pollution to the environment. Beston Machinery Group pays much attention to environmental protection and try our best to make the de-dusting system of the machine perfect.

Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Charcoal Machine

Usage of the Charcoal

The charcoal is trendy for use as barbecue fuel at homes. This is because of the tremendous amount of heat it can generate, and the fact that it does not combust very quickly.

In the agricultural sector, it is often used to increase the water retention of the soil, raise the temperature of the ground, or as an agent to retard the growth of micro-organisms in the land.

Often used for the manufacturing of clay bricks or as fuel in the metallurgic industry.

It is often used in chemical processes involving some kind of decolorizing process, amongst other things.

•The gas makes excellent fuel in the industry or even in the home.
•In agriculture, the gas is often used to produce heat for greenhouses to assist farmers or horticulturists in growing their crops.
•The gas also provides excellent fuel for driving generators for the production of electricity.

The coconut shell charcoal machine is excellent in producing good quality charcoal in an environmentally safe manner. As a byproduct, it also produces flammable gas. This creates several scenarios where the gas can also be used as a valuable commodity. In addition to the production of charcoal, other types of plants also use harmful substances to produce useful products in an eco-friendly way.

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